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09/05/2020 to 12/31/2020
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Outdoor Activities
Come sweat it out with us on Saturday mornings from 8am - 9am in Seaside. Meet us on the Seaside Pavilion, then spend your morning in the shops of beautiful Seaside.
MJ’s Yoga Sculpt class combines the discipline, breathwork, and mental focus of a yoga class with strength training and cardio. Through bursts of HIIT cardio and high reps using light hand weights, this class is a full-body workout. Yoga Sculpt is an efficient and effective way to become flexible, strong, and toned, but listen up: this class is about having FUN and moving to loud, upbeat tracks.
All levels welcome. There is zero need to feel intimidated and modifications are absolutely encouraged. This class is all about trusting yourself and finding your personal best.
Yes, you will sweat. Yes, you will be challenged. But it will all be worth it!
Where to Park: Biking and walking are encouraged. We recommend parking close to Seaside Square, though parking is not permitted inside of the Circle. Please check in with the name you registered under.
What to Expect: Arrive 15 minutes before class begins. Find your spot and unroll your mat, stretch it out and be ready to get your sweat on by 8:00! Expect loud music, sweaty smiles and a full-body workout. Class ends at 9:00 and students are encouraged to hang out in Seaside afterwards. Grab coffee, shop around and enjoy Seaside! Don’t forget to bring your mask to go inside of the shops.
What to Bring: Yoga Mat, Light Weights (1- 5lb weights, water bottles or whatever you have that can serve as weight; optional), Hand Towel, Water
Please visit our website or sign up here online before class.