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The Seaside Repertory Theater

" of the 21st-century writers whose songs are worth exploring.” - Wall Street Journal

“Adams is clearly one of Americana’s most consistent and commanding auteurs...a more beautiful and beguiling effort would be all but impossible to even imagine.” – Los Angeles Times Magazine

Singer/songwriter, Peter Bradley Adams, falls into the category of perfectionists chasing their own perfection. Adams’ brand of Americana nestles his warm burnished melodies with tender vocals that reflect his introspective explorations of the middle ground between hope and heartache and is marked by the calm emotional intensity of his singing. His music has a placid surface, but the soothing melodies and Adams’ low-key delivery run deep to portray the joys and insecurities of the human condition with rare compassionate insight. The result is a sonic scape that wraps itself around the listener like a soft blanket on a cold day. 

To purchase tickets and learn more: The Seaside Rep