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The Seaside Repertory Theater

Saturday, May 1st

Show Time: 7:30 pm

Tickets: $40 and $32 for REP Members

“If their fun upbeat songs don’t seal the deal for you, their never-ending onslaught of bold harmony is undeniable.”  Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes), Grammy Award-nominated producer. 

“My One And Only oozes honesty through the music they make.  They are a melding of raw acoustic music with meaningful lyrics that paint a picture of their and our journey.” – Fox 17 Rock & Review Radio & TV.

With their polar-opposite musical backgrounds, Kassie and Benjamin meld old-school country, singer-songwriter, and alternative folk-rock into a sound that can only be described as “Southern-Soul and Curious-Grit”. Uncovering the pursuits of purpose and love, with the triumphs therein, and exposing the pains of severed relational connections, My One And Only reaches into the expanses of their hearts to bring up lyrics that will cause you to wonder if they have been reading your diary. Presented the “Discovery Award” by acclaimed music critic Robert K. Oermann (Nashville’s Music Row Magazine), My One And Only declares performance as their love-share to the world. 

Limited Seating Available, Masks Required