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Chapel Sunday Service is held at 10 a.m.
Guests may reserve the chapel by calling (Reservation based on Availability)


The Chapel at Seaside, FL

The Seaside Chapel is one of the crown jewels of our famed town. Designed by architect Scott Merrill, the Chapel is now 14 years old and remains one of the many celebrated architectural landmarks in the community.

The Chapel's primary purpose will always be to create a place of worship within the Seaside community. But, over the years it has become a highly sought after venue for destination weddings. And, why not? There is something special about being married at Seaside.

Under the new management of the Homeowner’s Collection, The Chapel at Seaside welcomes individuals, event planners, or lodging providers who have an interest in leasing this stellar space for weddings, events and special occasions.

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Our Honeymoon Cottages

At Last! and Sanctuary make perfect enclaves with showers that convert to steam rooms, as well as private, dune-level decks complete with jacuzzi tub. We’ll pamper you with special extras to maximize romance.

Homeowner's Collection Amy Wise-Coble

Gary Wingo

Wedding Officiant

Gary Wingo is an ordained pastor with extensive experience in ministry as a Pastor/Teacher, Missionary, and on Young Life Staff. He has been a teacher in Europe, Central Asia, and various parts of the United States. Gary has also performed weddings across America and conducted Pre-Marital counseling with numerous couples.

He currently serves as Pastor of the Seaside Chapel in Florida. Gary’s specialty is relating to each distinctive couple in order to help create a unique and personalized wedding celebration instead of just a standard ceremony. His emphasis is on the love and celebration of two people being united in marriage.

While Gary has indeed officiated weddings all over the country, he specializes in outdoor weddings on mountaintops and beaches that are Interdenominational in nature. His casual, fun-loving personality and easygoing humor make Gary great to work with. Your wedding will be truly special and memorable.


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