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There is No Place Like HOME...

There is No Place Like HOME...

One of the oldest cliche's in the book, coined from the beloved film The Wizard of Oz, embodies a variety of meanings as we all navigate through the passage of time.  And, it has always been fascinating to me to see the vastly different meanings of this incredibly common word to the people I have been blessed to come across. 

A few years back, I was flying "home" from being with a friend after the death of her father.  Feeling anxious for reading material, I noticed a Smithsonian Magazine tucked in the pocket in front of my seat.  So, I picked it up and began to flip through the pages landing on a very short article by Verlyn Klinkenborg entitled, "The Definition of Home...Be it ever so humble, it's more than just a place.  It's an idea - one where the heart is".   While only a five minute read, I enjoyed this author's brief take on what home truly is when morphed by the human psyche.  The author eloquently outlined a variety of meanings balancing the relationship between people versus places in how each individual writes their definition of home. 

I've never been a big believer in "chance", actually I tend to believe that most things in life that seem random actually aren't that random at all.  They are subtle signs that we fail to acknowledge.  And, I've found many times in life, when reflecting over experiences, that what once seemed either isolated or random now appears related and in perfect order. 

So, how do my ramblings above relate to the move of Homeowner's Collection into the Seaside community?  For me personally, Seaside, FL has been a home since I was 21 years old.   It is the birthplace of my hospitality career and where I met friends who remain like sisters today.  I also met colleagues who have guided me in my chosen field, post education degree, as well as my understanding of the Seaside culture and the expectations of our loyal guests and homeowners.    But beyond that, it is where I met the Town Planners, a group of cottage owners and other locals affiliated with the community that gave me a true sense of being home...somewhere I was valued and I found a real sense of belonging. 


As many know, I left this "home" once.  And, while I remained in the local area, I used this time to further my career and broaden my knowledge base of the industry as a whole.  And, in my humble opinion, due to no chance at all, I had the good fortune in my late 30's to be reassigned "home", via my current employer.  And, one of the most cherished things about that move was when I reviewed the owner list throughout the community, I still knew well over 50%.  And, beyond that, I could walk into Sundog Books, Modica Market, by Pickles, to Bud and Alley's, through Perspicacity, and I was constantly greeted by a smiling face or a big hug...reminding me...I was


I will forever be grateful to the Seaside owners who committed themselves to this new concept of management.  And, who took the time to call me and invite me to build this program with them.  Ultimately, they are responsible for another turn of good fortune in my life...I'm going "home".  The Homeowner's Collection office will now be located at 124 Quincy Circle tucked behind The Homeowner's Collection Art Gallery.  And, we will become the only on site rental company dedicated solely to Seaside owners and their valued guests.  While we will still greet our guests at their cottage, we hope you will come by and say "hello".     


In closing, I'm not sure how many of you saw the Documentary, SEASIDE, THE CITY OF IDEAS, but it is a great piece on the history of the community and how it became the birthplace of New Urbanism.  And, for some reason, thinking of that reminded me of that article I had seen several years ago..." The Definition of Home...Be it ever so humble, it's more than just a place.  It's an idea - one where the heart is".  And, that is no chance...Seaside was an "idea" in the Town Founders' minds that became a reality for the owners and merchants that invested in it, the loyal guests who vacation in it, the employees who often never leave it, the architects and town planers who have studied it. 

But, the tie that binds in our mental psyche Seaside, FL is a place that embodies our emotions and idea of home.

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