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A Warm Moment of Inspiration

For those of you who follow each edition, I talked a little bit last May about the importance of inspiration as it related to why people take a vacation. But, my inspiration today was actually quite different. I would love to have time to thoroughly read about the true impacts of weather on the human psyche. At face value, today was much like every other day this January and February. Rise up, get three kids to school, get to the office, go...go...go until lunch, slow down to make sure I do a mental check on who is picking up who and where everyone has to be for the rest fo the day, go...go...go until it is time to leave, pick up kids, get one off to play rehearsal, put two in tow to the gym for basketball practice, and hope upon hope we all merge at home by at least 8 p.m. You know any remaining homework from the afternoon and baths still have to go somewhere. Thus, is the average day in my household and I venture to guess 90 percent of you reading this can totally relate.

Yet the true tipping point for the day was still to come. When we walked out of the gym just after 6 o'clock, we literally all took three steps and froze in our tracks without saying a word. And then, at almost the exact same times, my oldest daughter and I said, "What an incredible night." If you looked west there was the most amazing skyline filled with orange, yellow and blue with swirls of gray. Typically, many evenings like this would be the status quo for January and February in our area, but not so much in 2014. And, even better, the sun was gone, but it wasn't completely dark and we noticed the most amazing thing - it was still warm. We literally reveled in the fact that no one needed to cringe, no one was running for the car. It was an unexpected feeling of contentment, happiness, and...inspiration. I literally thought, 'I have to fo tell them about this'... and the March 2014 Edition of News from Amy's Desk was born.

I realize thse of you from the north are laughing, and thinking 'What wimps!' But, as is often said, "it is all relative." Our houses aren't built for it, our wardrobes don't lend themselves to it, and frankly 40 degrees by our standards is artic. And, not only have we seen teens with rain and sleet; we even saw a few flurries of snow! This accompanied by overcast day after overcast day has made the winter of 2014 one that most locals would like to forget. That said, we extend genuine empathy and understanding to our neighbors and loyal guests in other regions of the Southeast that have been far more impacted than we, and in many cases, like us, are accustomed to much milder weather.

So I would like to formally declare that I, Amy Wise-Coble, believe that Punxsatawney Phil was wrong this February. Our temperatures are returning to normal and forecasts say more of the same.

My moment of inspiration improved my mental state. And, guess what? I woke up this morning feeling fabulous...and it is still warm! Take it from me, get out of your house, head south and see what even the slightest bit of sun and warmth will do for you.

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