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Seaside, Florida, the most celebrated community in the Southeast and arguably beyond, has become known for many things over the years…the birthplace of New Urbanism, an architectural landmark, a mecca of southern hospitality and charm, a beach community with a casual yet sophisticated feel, an artist colony nestled against the shore and so much more.

But even greater than the town itself, are the amazing stories created by its people. We often hear about the inspirational Town Founders, the unique merchants, the stellar employees, and even the stories of you…our valued Seaside rental guests. But, what about the “Seasiders”? The residential homeowners that come and go, many leaving behind a very special, unique place they choose to share with you.

In late 2011, Max Watson, a long time Seasider, began to notice subtle changes in the cottage rental aspect of the community long defined by discriminating guests for high-quality accommodations, services, and products. The more he paid attention, he realized that more companies were involved, providing varying levels of services at much lower rates than the past.  So, Max enlisted the aide of long-time community rental operator Amy Wise-Coble to found Homeowner’s Collection Vacation Rentals, a company owned by the Seasiders whose cottages the company manages. And, in true Seaside fashion, this visionary created not only a one of a kind rental company in our area but a one of a kind rental company in the vacation rental industry.  A program that better connected the Seaside owners with their valued guests and the expectations they have for a quality Seaside experience.  Often defined over the years as the luxury of simplicity. 

Homeowner’s Collection Vacation Rentals is focused on providing guests the simple but beautiful experience that so many families have come to know and celebrate over their many years visiting this town.  Whether you are a repeat guest looking for the classic Seaside rental experience you remember from childhood, or a first-time guest looking to begin your own Seaside traditions, look no further. Call or book online today.