Homeowner's Collection Seaside Florida

Vision Becomes Reality

Seaside, Florida, the most celebrated community in the Southeast and arguably beyond, has become known for many things over the years…the birth place of New Urbanism, an architectural landmark, a mecca of southern hospitality and charm, a beach community with a casual yet sophisticated feel, an artist colony nestled against the shore and so much more.

But even greater than the town itself, are the amazing stories created by its people. We often hear about the inspirational Town Founders, the unique merchants, the stellar employees, and even the stories of you…our valued Seaside rental guests. But, what about the “Seasiders”? The residential homeowners that quietly come and go many leaving behind a very special, unique place that they choose to share with you. Who are they? Why did they purchase? What does the cottage name really mean? What inspired the unique touches to their architecture and furnishings? And, the list could go on.

In late 2011, Max Watson, a long time Seasider, began to notice subtle changes in the cottage rental aspect of the Seaside community long defined by discriminating guests for high quality accommodations, services and products. The more he paid attention, he realized that more companies were involved, providing varying levels of service, less marketing representative of the quality image the community has long been know for, and limited extra touches that highlighted the Seaside community and what truly makes it unique.

Rather than singling out third party operators that seemed to fall short of the mark, Max had a different idea. Quite simply, the Seasiders who rent their cottages, should own the company that represents them thus better connecting them with their valued guests and the expectations they have for a quality Seaside experience.

So, Max engaged the assistance of hospitality professional, Amy Wise-Coble, who had 20 years of experience in the local vacation rental industry, many of those in Seaside with four as the General Manager of Cottage Rental Agency. Well known to Seaside owners and rental guests alike, Amy seemed a logical choice to assist in what started as a feasibility study and has now become a reality. On September 1, 2012, the Articles of Incorporation for the Homeowner’s Collection were filed with the state of Florida and a better way to experience Seaside, Florida was born.

The Homeowner’s Collection is focused on fostering a sense of connection between Seasiders and their vacation rental guests. Your Cottage Host will meet you upon arrival to properly acclimate you to the home and share some of the details that make your vacation rental unique. Additionally, this individual will serve as the central point of contact throughout your stay for any needs you might have. In all that we do, we will foster the sense of community, support our unique Seaside shops and restaurants, and help you celebrate what makes Seaside and your chosen cottage so special.

Whether you are a repeat guest looking for the classic Seaside rental experience you remember as a child, or a first time guest looking for the real Seaside rental experience to start your story soon, look no further. Call or book on line today.