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The owners of the cottage you have reserved appointed Rental Owners’ Group Inc., doing business as Homeowner’s Collection, as the exclusive marketing, maintenance, and guest services agency for your stay in Seaside, Florida.  Your booking, payments and arrangements regarding your stay will be with Homeowner’s Collection and will be subject to these mutually agreed terms and conditions. 

During your stay, you will meet your Cottage Host, a Homeowner’s Collection welcome team member and local resident, who is available to introduce you to the area, and to answer any questions that may come up about these policies and procedures.

Requirement for Check In:  You will NOT be allowed to check in until we receive your signed acknowledgement of our rental policies, and your registration card is signed and completed.

Check-In - Check in will begin at 4:00 pm (CST).   In some instances, access to your property may be unavoidably delayed due to cleaning or maintenance scheduling circumstances beyond Homeowners Collection control.  There will be no discounts, credits, or refunds offered due to a late check in or delays in check in.  Your patience is appreciated in the circumstances.  Due to the spike in business levels on holiday and peak season weekends; the cottage may not always be ready for occupancy at 4pm. If the cottage has been rented through your arrival day, it likely will not be available prior to 4pm.  During quieter months, you may request an earlier check-in between one and 4 pm, which will be provided if feasible.  If your arrival will be after 7pm, please coordinate your anticipated arrival time with Homeowner’s Collection in advance.  In the rare situation that your cottage availability is delayed due to maintenance or other conditions outside their control, Homeowner’s Collection will contact you to advise an updated check-in time.

Check-Out - You should plan to vacate the cottage by 10 am sharp on your departure day.  Holdovers are not permitted without prior agreement with Homeowners Collection.  If you have not vacated the cottage by 10 am, you will be charged a half days rent.  The key lock code to the cottage will expire after 10 am on your departure day.  Please check carefully to take all your personal property with you at check-out.  Homeowners Collection is not responsible for any acts of theft or vandalism, or other damages to any personal property or for personal items left by guests in the property at departure.  Homeowners Collection is not responsible for and has no obligation to store or keep personal property found in a rental property by our staff, and Homeowners Collection may dispose of such property without notice, consent, delay, or liability.  If personal property is left behind and you promptly request return of these items before they are disposed of, the property will be returned at your expense. 

Price for Services - The cost for your stay is comprised of the rental fee as stated on the Homeowner’s Collection website based on the dates and duration of your stay, plus management fees, applicable taxes and a community arts and entertainment fee.  The sum of these charges is clearly stated before you commit to your booking.  The management fees include a reservation processing fee, a guest damage waiver fee, a swim/tennis and fitness center access fee and a departure cleaning fee.  Taxes include state and county sales tax and a county bed tax.  The Seaside community arts and entertainment fee is two percent of the sum of these other costs and is voluntary.

Arts and Entertainment Fee (Optional) - A 2.5 percent fee is added to the total value of your reservation.  The funds generated by this fee are used to support the community's Arts and Entertainment Fund which provides vibrant cultural, educational and entertainment activities for the community and its visitors.  The charge is voluntary, and while it will be shown as included in your booking, if you wish to have the fee removed from your account, please contact Homeowner's Collection. 

Deposit and Payments - The total cost of your stay is due and payable at the time of your booking if your arrival date is within 60 days of booking.  If your booking date is more than 60 days prior to arrival, a deposit of 50% of the total stay is due at booking.  A further payment of the balance will be automatically charged to your credit card at 60 days prior to arrival.

Travel Protection Insurance - Homeowner’s Collection has partnered with Red Sky Travel Insurance to provide Sun Trip Preserver® coverage for our guests. Sun Trip Preserver provides cancellation and interruption services as well as emergency assistance and travel services. Protect yourself in the event of hurricane evacuations and family emergencies such as illness or death in the family. The travel insurance is optional, and the cost is 6.95% of your total reservation stay.

CancellationTravelers who cancel at least 60 days prior to check in will be refunded 100% of the amount paid, less the Reservations Processing Fee. If cancellation is between 30 and 60 days prior to check in, 50% of the amount paid, less the Reservations Processing Fee will be refunded.  If cancellation is within 30 days of arrival, no refund will be given unless the home rebooks for the exact same days. 

 Amendment - Prior to 60 days before your arrival, you may request to amend your arrival date and/or the number of nights of your stay by contacting Homeowner’s Collection.  If the requested alternative dates are available, your booking will be amended, an adjusted price advised, and your deposit will be applied to the new dates.  If this amount is less than 50% of the new total, an additional deposit will be charged to your credit card.  If the existing deposit is more than 50% of the new total, you may elect to leave the deposit as is or you may request that the excess be refunded to you. Any amendment to the reservation within 60 days of arrival will result in a forfeiture of moneys paid

No show - If you do not arrive on the confirmed date of your booking and you have not contacted Homeowner’s Collection to advise of an unavoidable travel delay, your entire booking will be cancelled, and no refund will apply.

Reservation Processing Fee - A reservation processing fee will apply at the time of booking.  This fee is not reimbursable, even in the event of cancellation or amendment.

Security and Damages - You are responsible for the cottage, its contents and the health and well-being of all members of your party during occupancy.  You and your guests should remember to lock all doors and windows securely when not in the premises.  Removing items from the cottage is prohibited.  After check-out, Homeowner’s Collection will inspect the cottage for damage, missing items, and abnormally dirty appearance.  If it is determined that damage is present, items are missing, or the unit is abnormally dirty, Homeowner’s Collection will repair the damage, replace the missing items, and/or perform an extra cleaning service (a deep clean) at your expense.  Subject to the guest damage waiver (below) the cost of these repairs, replacements and extra services will be your responsibility.

Guest Damage Waiver - A non-refundable guest damage waiver is collected by Homeowner’s Collection on each booking to cover small unintentional damage to the cottage during your stay.  This waiver does not cover any intentional damage, negligence, missing items, or damage in excess of $3000.  For this waiver to apply, you agree to inform Homeowner’s Collection prior to check-out of the nature of any damage that occurred during your stay.  If you do not advise about damage, or if the damage is deemed intentional or negligent by Homeowner’s Collection, is in excess of $3000 to repair, or there are missing items on inspection after your departure, then the cost of damage not covered by this waiver or of replacing missing items will be charged to your credit card, and you specifically agree to this provision.

Pool/Tennis and Fitness Center Access - The management fees for your booking include access for all members of your party throughout your stay to utilize the facilities of the Seaside Swim and Tennis Club and Fitness Center.  There are three swimming pools and two wading pools in the community, six Har Tru Hydro tennis courts, and a well-maintained exercise and fitness center with high performance treadmills, spin bike and other equipment.  You will need to take the passes you will find in your arrival pack for access to each of these facilities each time you use them.  There are towels provided at the pools and fitness center and you are asked not to take the guest towels in the bathrooms of the cottages to the pools or fitness center.  An hourly use fee for the tennis courts is collected at the tennis pro shop.  You may bring your own rackets and balls, or you may rent these at the pro shop.  You may also check-out basketball, badminton, croquet, shuffleboard, and volleyball accessories if you wish to use any of these facilities as well.

Internet – All of our properties have internet access. However, we do not and cannot guarantee internet connection or access due to service being provided by an outside third-party vendor, restrictions placed on internet services by personal computers, different connection specifications, and any additional factors that may lead to interruption, failure, or unavailability of internet service.  No refunds will be given. If you decide to access any internet content during your stay, you do so entirely at your own risk and you assume and are responsible for ensuring that all accessed material or content does not infringe the laws governing, but not exhaustively covering, copyright, trademarks, pornography, or any other material which is slanderous, defamatory, or might cause offense in any other way.  You further agree to be responsible for liability for breach of intellectual property laws or other claims made by or on behalf of any other owner of online content.

Cleaning Fee - A cottage cleaning fee applies to clean and prepare the cottage for the next occupancy following your departure. 

Housekeeping Service – The cottage will be cleaned and inspected to Homeowner’s Collection quality standards prior to your arrival.  Your accommodation will include fresh bed linens, bath and kitchen towels, necessary kitchen amenities and premium Seaside, FL exclusive toiletries and bathing amenities.  You may request additional frequency of housekeeping services for an additional fee on application to Homeowner’s Collection. If you have any housekeeping issues, please report them as soon as possible so we may address them in a timely manner.  No discounts, credit, or refunds will be given for housekeeping issues that have not been reported during your stay.  

Garbage Removal - During your stay, you are responsible to place your waste items into plastic garbage bags and set these into the outdoor garbage cans at curb side and secure the can lids.  Seaside town council empties these cans twice a week and three times during season.

Maintenance Issues - During your stay, please report any items requiring maintenance to Homeowner’s Collection, who will attend promptly and attempt to resolve any difficulty with minimum inconvenience to you.  Do not leave doors or windows open while the A/C or heater is operating.  Homeowners Collection staff may enter the property to respond to any maintenance and/or housekeeping issues without prior notification. No refund or rate adjustment will be made for unforeseen maintenance issues or system failures such as air conditioning, cable, internet services: or appliances, etc...  

Pets – Not all our properties are pet friendly: please check with the Manager.  Properties allowing pets are limited to a maximum of two housebroken domestic dogs only.  Weight limits apply per cottage. The rental rate will increase by an additional $275.00 per pet as a nonrefundable fee on all reservations allowing a pet.  Guests agree to disclose the breed, weight, and condition of each pet and agree that the manager may refuse to allow pet occupancy on any of these grounds.  If it is observed that you have a pet with you on arrival or during your stay in a non-pet friendly home, you will be subject to immediate eviction and forfeiture of all reservation monies paid.  If on check out, Homeowner’s Collection deems that you have allowed a pet in a cottage that does not allow pets, you will be charged $500 as an additional cleaning fee plus any damages.

No Smoking - Smoking is not permitted within the cottage, on the porches or in the fenced yard.  If members of your party wish to smoke, they may do so at the street or in any of the nearby parks.  If Homeowner’s Collection deems that you have violated this policy during your stay, you will be charged $500 as an additional cleaning fee.  If it is observed during your stay that you or any of your guests are smoking in the cottage, porch or yard, you will be subject to immediate eviction and forfeiture of your entire deposit.

Age Restriction – Cottage rentals are not available to vacationing students or groups of young adults under the age 25.  The person making this rental must be the parent or legal guardian of at least one of the young adult guests.  The parent must be continuously present and always staying in the cottage with the young adults.  Homeowner’s Collection retains the right to confirm this provision at any time during your stay, and any violation will result in immediate eviction and loss of pre-paid deposits.  This policy specifically prohibits parents or guardians who do not check-in and/or who leave overnight during the length of stay.  Parties who attempt to check-in under false pretenses will be denied access and will forfeit pre-paid deposits.

No subletting – The cottage may not be sublet, and your booking is not transferable to any other party.

Cottage Reassignment – We will make every effort to honor the particular property you reserved and/or were originally assigned.  However, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, specific property assignment and requests cannot be and are not guaranteed even when your reservation is confirmed.  If the property originally assigned and/or reserved by you in not available for any reason, you agree with your consent that we may make substitutions to a different property reasonably comparable to the original property reserved, including size and location if and where possible.  

Maximum Number of Guests – Limited to actual occupancy shown on the property listing for guests’ comfort and safety.  Guests who exceed maximum occupancy listed in the property description are subject to immediate evictions and forfeiture of all rental payments and deposits.  

Hurricane Policy - All beachfront areas in the Southern United States are subject to storm conditions from time to time.  If a hurricane or tropical storm begins to threaten the South Walton coast of Florida, Homeowner’s Collection will receive instructions from local government officials which will be shared with you before and/or during your stay.  If an evacuation order is issued, you will need to make your own arrangements to promptly leave the impacted area heading inland.  If this results in a cancellation of your vacation or an early departure, Homeowner’s Collection will refund payment for the affected portion of your stay.  No refunds will be given for fear of travel.

Good Neighbor Policy - Seaside is a unique mixed-use neighborhood that includes both short term guests and permanent residents staying in proximity.  Please abide by noise, traffic, parking, refuse and other common-area rules and use your good judgment to assure an enjoyable beach holiday for not only your party but all in your vicinity.

Property Rules and Regulations – Please observe all rules and regulations (including all owner association rules and local state ordinances) governing the use and occupancy of the property you are occupying.  These rules apply to both owners and guests, and failure to comply can result in immediate eviction.

 Parking – Strict parking limits apply per property. The Seaside Town Council will only issue 1 parking pass per one bedroom cottage and 2 parking passes per two bedroom and larger.  Smolian Circle is now paid parking for day visitors and does not allow overnight parking.  Please plan accordingly. 

Construction – Homeowners Collection cannot predict construction plans in the area and therefore cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience arising from or related to construction in the area.  No refunds can be given in the event of construction nearby the rental property.

Security of Personal Property – Homeowners Collection is not responsible for any acts of theft or vandalism, or other damages to any personal property or for personal items left by guests in he property at departure.  Homeowners Collection is not responsible for and had no obligation to store/keep personal property fund in a rental property by our staff, and Homeowners Collection may dispose of such property without notice, consent, delay, or liability.  If personal property is left behind and you promptly request return of these items before they are disposed of, the property will be returned at your expense. 

Golf Carts - The Seaside Town Council does not allow golf cart rentals nor renters to bring their own golf carts when visiting the Seaside Community. If a guest in your party has specials needs, and requires a golf cart, please contact Homeowners Collection to secure a permit for the golf cart.  The golf cart will count as one of your allotted parking spaces. 

Property Specific Rules - You will be staying in a privately-owned cottage-style home, and you are welcome there as vacationing guests.  Please care for and treat this residence, its furnishings, fittings, artworks, and amenities as you would in your own home.  Please observe any additional rules or policies as provided by Homeowner’s Collection on your arrival or during your stay.

Digital Signature Binding- By completing and submitting the reservation request you are expressly acknowledging and agreeing to al terms, conditions, ad provisions of this Agreement.  You acknowledge and agree that all digital signatures and initials contained herein and hereon are legally binding on you and all the guests residing in the property during your stay.  You further acknowledge and agree that the person signing this rental Agreement shall have the sole and absolute duty and obligation to provide notice of all terms, conditions, duties, and obligations herein to all other persons who will reside and stay in the rental property, and to ensure compliance by all persons, during the length of your stay.

Binding Agreement – You acknowledge and agree this Agreement is binding legal contract and that you have read, understand, and agree with all the terms and conditions herein. 

Hold harmless Agreement – You agree to hold Homeowners Collection and the property owner (as intended third-party beneficiary) harmless from and against all claim, demands, causes of action, damages, and liability arising from or related to any of the following:

(a)   Any plain and visible defective condition of the rental property or any furniture, fixtures, or equipment therein not promptly reported to Homeowners Collection upon your check -in (prompt reporting means within eight (8) hours from the time you check-in to the property)

(b)   Any unknown defective condition of the rental property or any furniture, fixtures, or equipment therein.

(c)    Any actions or conduct, or failures to act, whether negligent or intentional, on your part or on the part of any third party resulting I persona injury, harm, or death to you or any other persons.

(d)   Any injury, harm, or death to you or any other guest, persons or animals during your stay not caused by us, including any injury, harm or death caused by any defective condition of or in the property or to furniture, fixtures, or equipment (including any deck, porch, or balcony.

(e)   Any and all damage to the rental property or any furniture, fixtures, or equipment in or serving the property as a result of your, or any other occupants, negligent or intentional acts, conduct, or negligent or intentional failures to act. 

(f)    Reasonable differences and/or changes between the property’s actual condition at check-in and the condition represented on our website advertising or in our marketing materials, photographs, or other descriptions used on our website or as part of our online internet reservation system because of remodeling, maintenance, normal wear and tear, or similar circumstances beyond our control.

(g)   You agree to be responsible and liable for any/all damages to the rental property and all furniture, fixtures, and equipment in or serving the property as a result of any intentional actions or intentional failure to act on your part or on the part of any guests residing in the property with you, including children.  You agree and acknowledge that your credit card or financial account may be charged for the costs to repair and/or replace any damaged property.