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7 Jul 2021
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Florida has always ranked highly as a destination for Americans, and this desirability is only growing stronger in 2021 - with the Emerald Coast shining like a jewel among the acclaim. Florida is one of the places on everyone's radar this summer as travel booms again all over the country.

The news from Tripadvisor's travelers is that Florida rates as having 8 of the Top 25 Beaches in the USA, based on thousands of reviews from beach lovers everywhere.

Apparently the Tripadvisor travelers have discovered the beauties of Henderson Beach State Park this year, and of course they've long known about Pensacola Beach. These two places form the approximate bookends of the Emerald Coast, which faces the Gulf of Mexico, and offers a beautiful scenic run along Hwy 30A.

Nestled between Panama City Beach and Destin along Highway 30A, as you know, you’ll find the quaint beachfront community of Seaside. With a beach of soft white sand as beautiful as any, Seaside is also bursting with charm and friendliness - cited by Travel & Leisure as the "Best Beach on Earth for Families". And the Travel Channel agreed, calling it the "Best Family Beach".

Every winter, Florida sees the Snowbirds, vacation refugees from the cold north of Canada who come south  seeking to warm their toes, and maybe even find some of the year-round warm waters. The snowbirds have been absent for two years now, as the border with Canada became restricted from the pandemic.

Against the snowbirds we've always had the Sunbirds, who make their home in Florida for most of the year and seek cooler places for the summer. But a new breed of visitor has arrived in Florida, the Untethered Worker,  again from the effect of the pandemic as many people became able to work from home, which means they can live anywhere.

So now we have an influx of permanent residents into Florida, who choose to stay all year - with maybe some northern jaunts in high summer, or maybe just staying put and cooling off on their local beach. The snowbirds will return, and the new sunbirds seem here for keeps.

With so many people coming to Florida to vacation, you would think that owning a vacation rental here would be a good asset, and most investors would agree with you. In fact, our own Emerald Coast is rated as the #1 investment in the most recent 100 Best Markets to Buy a Vacation Rental Home report developed annually by Rented Research and Weis Analytics.

So Florida has some bragging rights, and we thought we'd pass them along. Seaside remains as ever, highly sought after to live and to vacation in, family friendly with gourmet style and barefoot comfort, a walking and biking town with wonderful amenities just around every corner. Come and stay with us, in one of the many beautiful rental homes, and become a neighbor for a while.

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