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3 May 2021
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Some people come into Seaside for a day visit from elsewhere along the Emerald Coast - and now the town has two excellent ways to welcome these day-trippers, with paid parking in town, and a FREE shuttle service from a larger parking area outside of town.

As Seaside becomes the downtown for all of scenic Highway 30A - yes, the town's amenities really are that much fun - parking for day visitors also becomes a great problem. Guests who stay here in town rarely ever start their cars again until they leave, because it's a town made for walkability. And now day visitors can experience the same relaxed walkability, parking once and leaving the car for the day.

Park in Seaside

Started on April 19, 2021, now there's paid parking in Seaside, available on Smolian Circle between 9 am and 9 pm - with no time restrictions!  Smolian Circle is very close to the heart of Seaside, circling around Lyceum Lawn and offering nothing but eclectic strolling adventures along any route you take to walk. See the map for directions, or just take Quincy Circle up from Hwy 30A.

And as you get parked, ask the friendly attendants for the best tips on which route to take to get where you want to go. Friendly humans? That's right - after town officials studied the highest tech solutions from around the world for in-town parking, they decided to use humans instead of machines to make the solution work best. Friendly, helpful humans - remember them? Tell your children we used to have humans before the robots took over ;)

Park and take the FREE Shuttle into Seaside

In case the paid parking in town doesn't work for you, consider the Free public parking just a little over 2 miles away, and use the Free Shuttle that comes about every 15 minutes from 6 am until midnight.

The shuttle ride into downtown Seaside takes about 15 minutes and offers a lovely view of Western Lake as you cross it, shuttling through the heart of Grayton Beach State Park.

Once you and the crew are in downtown Seaside, the options are abundant, in a town made for sandals and strolling. And if walking gets boring (seems unlikely, but could happen), take a bike ride or grab a golf cart to put a little extra drive into your visit.

Oh, and Welcome to Seaside!