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30 Oct 2023
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Spend the Thanksgiving holiday in Seaside, Florida, for an extra-magical holiday, as fall turns to winter, Florida-style. It's a slower time, with perfect weather for gathering and celebrating, with food overflowing the table, and with music and fun in the air, in this gem of a town, on the lovely Emerald Coast.

Your Thanksgiving Feast in Seaside

Turkey Alert: Order your cooked Turkey from Modica Market by November 15,  and you won't have to pull kitchen duty as you and the crew sit around the Thanksgiving table in your Seaside cottage.

Modica puts the whole Thanksgiving Meal together for you, starting with free-range organic turkey, topped with cornbread dressing, and building out from there with casserole sides (sweet potato, green bean and squash), as well as mashed potatoes of course, gravy and cranberry relish. Follow that with fabulous pie: pecan, pumpkin, sweet potato and apple.

Call the Market directly at 850-231-1214, or let our Concierge team do the dialing for you to set everything up the way you choose. Also check out Modica's Holiday Gift Baskets to lay in treats for your visit.

Even though the gourmet kitchen in your vacation cottage is a dream to use, put away the apron for the day and let Modica Market tempt you with its perfect food offerings. Or check with our Events page for a list of restaurants serving up the feast on that special day.

The Perfect Season in Seaside

What's so lovely about November and Thanksgiving in Seaside: let us count the ways.

First, no crowds. Everyone loves Florida, and that makes for a bustle during peak seasons, but when fall comes and starts its languid turn into winter during November, there's more time for locals and visitors alike to relax even more and spend time in the simple pleasantries of beachside living.

The weatheris perfect: low seventies in daytime with mid-fifties at night, great for slacks and maybe a wrap at night, hanging on the beach or patio for conversation and fun at all hours, and never break a sweat.

You can still rent the Cabana Man beach chair set up during November, and all the restaurants and shops are still open. It's mild enough to bike around town in comfort, or stroll, or just laze in a deck chair with a book.

The sunsets in late fall are amazing. Sunrise and sunset along the Emerald Coast is stunning all year round, but something about the approaching winter light makes them really pop during fall - and that's not hype, it's true, as you can see for yourself when you book Thanksgiving with us - or as you will already have noticed during the Wine Festival a couple of weeks before

The accommodation rates are good during this part of the year too, with less visitors and with Specials frequently available.

Festivities in Seaside

Be sure to stick around after Thanksgiving, at least through Saturday, for the annual lighting of the town, as Seaside becomes the most lighted spot along the entire Emerald Coast. The Turn on the Town lighting ceremony displays thousands of lights on palm trees (and THAT's how we celebrate winter in Florida!). The lighting is timed with sunset over the town, and it's pretty stunning.

Christmas is on the air as we gather for the lighting, sing carols and take photos with Santa Claus. Flip the switch, and suddenly it's the season.There are Christmas trees and lights across town, with the main Christmas Tree in the Amphitheater, along with a light show. And check out the Seaside Post Office, bedecked with lights and garlands, picture-perfect for a selfie Christmas card.

Working backwards in time,in between Thursday and Saturday is our Friday evening Central Square Cinema, with a movie under the stars (remember that wrap, or a blanket): The Santa Clause.

And still working backwards, if you're here on the 19th of November, settle in for a spellbinding  performance of The Nutcracker by Ballet Pensacola. And The Rep has special events through November, with a great Holiday Show on the Saturday, and also Sunday - so come for Thanksgiving and stay through the weekend for the holiday fun.

And working forwards in time now, Seaside has plenty of festive events planned for December - but that's another story, so stay tuned!