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5 May 2023
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The Emerald Coast of Florida offers a wonderfully scenic drive along beachfront Hwy 30A, and of all the places to stop and admire, the iconic town of Seaside offers the best vacation rentals on 30A to make your stay. While many people take a drive along this highway visiting stops along the way, or venturing inland to explore the pristine parks, there are five perfect reasons they make Seaside their destination to stay in, amid all the charm of this coastline.

1. The Charm of Seaside

The friendliness of Seaside people and the town's relaxed pace of life are captivating aspects of a stay here in your visit to the Emerald Coast. The ambience of the town is unique, with an old-time neighborhood feel, anchored with award-winning architecture, a blend of modern design and sandals-friendly walkability. If ever there was a place to sit and read a book or simply watch the people strolling by, it's Seaside, Florida. Small enough to know everyone and walk everywhere, and fronting a vista as large as the Gulf of Mexico, Seaside turns visitors into locals immediately, and time slows down in the absorption of simply being here.

2. In Seaside you Can Walk Everywhere

Seaside is a small town, expertly designed for walking everywhere (and you can zip around on a bike too). It's a foot-friendly town, with sand alleyways between the houses, and eclectic shops and surprises around every corner, so exploring all the streets is a great game, trying a different way to get somewhere each time.

The streets of Seaside are laid out from careful urban planning, leading naturally to the Amphitheater and its entertainments, and the circular roads encompassing it. The beach is always present, across the dunes that mark the coastal edge of town, with the iconic pavilions and their distinctive architecture. The extreme outer edge of town is very close too, easy to cross on a bicycle - you can ride clear out of town (but you'll turn back to keep exploring Seaside).

3. You Never Need to Drive in Seaside

Population density in Seaside is low because there are no multi-unit buildings such as hotels and high rises. Our guests in the town stay in the picturesque rental cottages that are part of the neighborhood, living like locals. And the plus side of being able to walk everywhere means you never have to drive anywhere if you don't want to - you can just call it a vacation and relax. Many guests will fly in from one of the two nearby airports, and shuttle or limo into town, since you don't need a car at all to enjoy everything that Seaside offers. And often, those who do drive here don't start their car again until it's time to leave.

4. Seaside Has the Largest Private Beach On Hwy 30A

Seaside's gorgeous white sand beach is private, reserved for locals and guests in the town. Seaside is a protected place, with city caretakers who take pains to keep it small and unspoiled, people-friendly and tranquil. The private nature of the beach is a sustainability measure to preserve it from being used up. We treat the whole town the same way.

This is the largest private beach along the Emerald Coast, and we try to be good stewards of it. The locals and guests of Seaside can enjoy the beach in lots of ways, from the many water sports of the Gulf ocean, to the simple umbrella and beach chair relaxation, and even to a gourmet brunch or dinner on the beach (a "low table and cushions" affair for the whole group).

And there are the wedding ceremonies on the beach, uplifted occasions under the open skies or the pavilion roof. All of this is possible because the town of Seaside preserves its beach for careful use - a wedding ceremony is perfect on the beach, for example, while a wedding reception has to happen off the beach.

5. The "Do Everything" Concierge Service - Does Everything

Homeowner's Collection offers not only the best vacation rentals on Hwy 30A, but also a Concierge Service to go with it. The concierge team has a slogan, "Let us handle everything" and offers a helping hand with just about anything and everything you could need. From organizing a wedding to chauffeur service for guests from the airport, from a beach party to an extra bottle of wine, the team runs errands and makes arrangements so you don't have to.

It's called a vacation - don't get up, we'll get it for you.