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24 May 2021
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Family reunions call for the right accommodations, and rental cottages in Seaside, Florida are one of the nicest ways for extended family to meet up for some special time together.

Ranging from a small family with grown-up kids now living away from the old parental home, to a large gathering of the whole clan from far-flung corners, the vacation homes of Seaside can accommodate the whole crew in residential comfort by the beach - not to mention the superb gathering venues around town to hold outdoor feasts and celebrations that all the family members can walk to, young and old.

Family is all about living together, and multiple generations from grandparents to great-grandkids don't always get the chance to see each other as much as they would like. Special occasions such as weddings - for which Seaside is famous - often will gather long-lost family members together, but hotels are a sad way to get together, compared with being able to gather around the same table and dine or snack from the same kitchen. That's what family is all about.

Fortunately, there are no hotels in Seaside - not the high-rise monsters you see along many beaches of the world. Here, it's all neighborhood, and everyone feels like a local. The town is designed for walking or bicycling, and it's small enough, yet packed with gourmet foods and eclectic shops, to make for plenty of adventures for all ages as they stroll our little town.

Gather at the Amphitheater for a concert or a movie under the stars, set up a breakfast or lunch feast on the beach, take a solitary walk for a break - or sip coffee quietly on the porch or in a nook in your cottage. Holding your family gathering in a vacation home away from home means the freedom to come together for food and fun, with long, sprawling conversations around the table, and also the choice to take quiet breaks while others choose more boisterous fun.

Multi-generational living is increasingly common in America, and so are multi-gen vacations. And the word is that people of all ages very much enjoy gathering with all the other ages, to catch up with news, and to share in the experiences of other family members. Grandparents can't believe how fast the grandkids are growing, while the children touch a world and a family history they've only heard about and which will disappear all too soon. In the middle, the hard-working parents get some relief as the elders step in to show the kids what fun really means.

Family reunions are the test of accommodations and vacation places, and the cottages of Seaside work perfectly for the occasion - and this is good news for any groups of friends who want to share a vacation: a church group, two couples, neighbors who get along well, or even a business retreat. And if the crew overflows into the house next door, this works well also: it's Seaside - you can walk barefoot in the sand to the house next door.

Rental cottages can be small or large, but they're always comfortable. Spacious and elegant, the homes are furnished proudly by their individual owners to offer you the lifestyle they would want for themselves, and that they absolutely want for you.

Call us at 855-411-1557 to choose the perfect accommodations for your family reunion or your group gathering. We'll help you decide how the different generations can be close to the things they want to do, and still have the home setting to let everyone live to their own preference while bonding with everyone else.

And if it's a wedding that brings all the family and friends together, be sure to consult our suggested event planners, and check out the gorgeous wedding venues in Seaside.