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27 Jun 2024
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Visiting Seaside, Florida for the day and want to take advantage of the SEASIDE®. Complimentary shuttle:

Taking the shuttle, here is everything you need to know. The complimentary shuttle is available for employees, guests, and locals and runs from 6AM to midnight.

This year’s complimentary shuttle services will pick up at a reserved SEASIDE® lot from Hwy. 331 S., just past the Sanctuary at 331 Apartment Complex, and drop off under the Lyceum Archway in the center of SEASIDE®. The shuttle is available to guests and employees and runs daily from 6 a.m. to midnight, with three shuttles running at all times. See the map below on where to catch the shuttle and the route. 

July 4th Shuttle: There will be additional shuttles for July 4th from the 331 Lot to SeasideFL for the town party, 7pm evening concert, and 8:30pm Fireworks. After the fireworks from 8:30pm to 10:00pm the drop off and pick will be at 25 Central Square around the Seaside Amphitheater to accommodate for guests leaving after the fireworks show.

Driving to Seaside this Summer and Want to Utilize Paid Parking:

This summer the managed parking program will be in effect, with hourly rates. The paid parking experience will have hourly rates along Smolian Circle, varying by day, occupancy levels, and events. This allows us to maintain proper vacancy levels, so visitors have available parking to use and ensures that the parking is most efficiently managed. 

Upon arrival, you will notice signs around Smolian Circle indicating your parking zone. Simply input your license plate number and payment information, then head into SEASIDE® to enjoy your day! We encourage visitors to download The Passport Parking app in advance for a seamless parking experience. The Passport Parking App can be downloaded here.


July 4th Town Party, Concert, & Fireworks road closures:

All residential roads will be closed on July 4th except for Odessa on the west side, Tupelo on the east side, and the North lane of Seaside Avenue. There will be security present to guide guests to paid parking spots on Smolian circle, come early as it is a festive busy day. See map below for Smolian circle.



We anticipate heavy traffic on Thursday, July 4th. To minimize through-traffic, the residential area will implement a controlled entry plan starting at 9 am. As part of this plan, all residential streets will be blocked from incoming traffic until 10:00 pm. 

We will have three controlled entry and exit points. Odessa Street, Tupelo Street, and Seaside Avenue will be accessible for entry and exit for those staying in the residential area.