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1 Apr 2024
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Stairway to Heaven vacation home is a unique icon in Seaside, remarkable even in this town known for its uniqueness. It's an architectural achievement that feels like living inside a work of art, fantastically modern yet immersed in nature, set on the corner of Ruskin Place Park, overlooking and opening out into the shaded tranquility of that lovely park. The setting is right in the heart of Seaside, but cloistered away from the bustle, and above the fray, with its own private driveway.

The vacation home sleeps six people in style, with a king master suite on the third floor, and a delightfully designed queen bedroom on the ground floor, both spacious and private. This ground floor is the secondary living area, with its own direct entrance, and guest futon sofas for additional accommodation. Entry here from the ground level doorway offers ease of access to a stylish retreat area for anyone who can't easily manage stairs - but take note that much of the fun of Stairway to Heaven does happen with stairs: the three floors and rooftop are connected by stairways that invite you up and down in one unbroken space.


The more noticeable entrance to the building is directly on the second floor, with a grand exterior stairway. Or take the interior stairway from the ground floor up to the second floor, which houses the main living area and kitchen, with dining area and wet bar, and even a desk area. The wonderful spiral staircase from this main area leads up to the king master suite on the third floor, spacious and self contained, and with French doors leading to its own private balcony.

Stairway to Heaven is a 3-story building with a de facto fourth story, the rooftop lounge area with its panoramic views of the town and ocean - and its unique tower, an open spiral stairway that gives the home its name and serves as a crow's nest atop the building. The view from this stairway - for those not disturbed by heights - surpasses all other views. You can spot the tip of this tower from down in the park, if you know it's there.

Living in this vacation space is luxurious, spacious and comfortable. The decor throughout is gorgeous and the home seems almost made of glass, filled with natural light from huge soaring windows under high ceilings.

The location is simply superb. Access to Ruskin Place Park is right out your door, with DiBicci Park and other green spaces running peacefully in one direction, and all the town's activity right to hand in the other direction. Explore the artist colony of Ruskin Place, with its shops and galleries, and take the short stroll to the Amphitheater for the full-on action. All around are the sidewalks of Seaside, filled with eclectic shops, eateries and funky adventures, and of course the beach itself is always no more than a few fun-filled blocks away.


Stairway to Heaven is the creation of renowned architect Alexander Gorlin, who designed it to be his own residence. It pays homage to the work of the legendary French architect, Le Corbusier, the most influential architect of the Twentieth Century, after his first urban work called Maison Citrohan.

Le Corbusier's ground-breaking design insisted on linking all the elements of the house in one spatial continuum, and Stairway to Heaven beautifully embodies this idea. Some call it living inside an artwork, while others might refer to the wonderful Feng Shui, but whatever you call it, life in architect Gorlin's personal creation has an undeniable flow and freedom to it.

If you've seen Jim Carrey's hit movie, The Truman Show, you already know what the building looks like - it was chosen in the film to be an architect's office, and in honor of this the fictional sign for Rubeo Architects still hangs out front in pride of place. Many people who come to Seaside love to play the game of spotting the numerous landmarks of the Carrey film, and if you play this game you can automatically score points when you stay in Stairway to Heaven!

Take a look at all the features of Stairway to Heaven, where you can also check availability and book directly - remember, you always save money by booking directly with Homeowner's Collection, Seaside's homeowner collective that today handles over 190 vacation homes to choose from.

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