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Concierge Services

FRESCO PICNIC CO. serves all residential beach pavilions in Seaside, with the exception of the Coleman pavilion.  For Coleman pavilion picnics, please see our listing for CC Boone & Co.

To us, there’s nothing better than dining in the open air surrounded by beauty and loved ones. The vision at Fresco Picnic Co. is to design a beautifully styled picnic experience to make any day a special occasion. We take care of the setup and pack-up so that all you have to do is arrive and enjoy.  

A Fresco Picnic Co picnic always includes:
- Luxury picnic set up and breakdown
- A curated and styled picnic setting
- 2-hour time slot to enjoy
- Citrus infused water
- Grazing board
- Pillow for each guest
- Seasonal flowers
- Bluetooth speaker
- Umbrella
- Chalkboard with personal message
We currently have packages serving 2-20 people. We need a minimum of 7 day notice to set up a picnic for you, but the more notice the better to ensure your spot in peak demand times.
We can also coordinate dinner to be delivered to your personal picnic from restaurants in Seaside.  Feel free to email us at