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There is no question that many aspects of The Homeowner’s Collection and what it becomes will be driven by the number of owners who choose to participate, but none more so than the Sales and Marketing for our destination. Seaside, Florida, is a community rich in heritage with a significant generational repeat-guest following. Additionally, Seaside is the strongest, most far-reaching brand in Northwest Florida. These factors combine to support one of the highest Average Daily Rental rates and ultimately corresponding property values in the region.

The easiest way to put this in context for you is to simply ask yourself: why does a guest pay considerably more (in many cases 50 percent more) to stay in Seaside than neighboring Seagrove? It is because Seaside represents a destination; a way of life that we as owners bought into; a sense of place enhanced by the concerts, movies, storytelling, and more that takes place in Town Center; a level of quality; a sense of community; and the list could go on. The Homeowner’s Collection will ensure that the key values of this community and critical aspects of the guest and owner experience are protected into the future. If enough homeowners stand together The Homeowner’s Collection will spend the same significant dollars the primary management company has spent in the past. This will ensure that these key values remain a fundamental part of the marketing message used to represent our community. And, service levels will support not only the message being sent, but also the experience that our valued repeat guests have come to expect. The marketing message is only the face of a brand: delivering on that message is the true test of its value and longevity in the market.

The public relations accolades we can garner are as important as the marketing money we spend. The value of the mentions in Condé Nast, Travel and Leisure, and Frommer’s in recent years that the region and/or Seaside has received would be impossible to match with marketing dollars. And the reality of all of these mentions, including the Frommer’s recognition of the beaches of Northwest Florida, is that Seaside played a key role. The writer who nominated the region for Frommer’s stayed in Seaside. The Homeowner’s Collection, if homeowners stand together, will have the resources to support these types of efforts into the future. And, these types of acknowledgements again support rental rates, which ultimately support property values.

Without discussing the specifics of online marketing efforts, print for branding purposes, social media, third-party booking engines, and the other powerful tools used in the industry today, The Homeowner’s Collection will be a leader in marketing Seaside, FL. The Homeowner’s Collection will work with a reputable company and/or individual/firm to provide the same sales and marketing services homeowners have come to expect.