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13 Nov 2020
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Travel writer Shelley King came to stay with us recently, and wrote an article about her vacation experience. She had some wonderful things to say about Seaside, Florida, which she fell in love with immediately, for its numerous charms and its fantastic walkability.

Shelley stayed in Waterstar, a luxury condo that overlooks both the Gulf of Mexico and the Seaside Amphitheater, the heart of the town's community entertainment. Between the gorgeous accommodation and the magic of Seaside, Shelley was captivated from the start.

What she loved about Seaside

Shelley writes about the "storybook" feel of Seaside. It does seem too magical to be true, but it is real. As well as walking everywhere, Shelley and her partner rode bikes around the area and actually rode out of town - proving that, unlike in the Jim Carrey movie "The Truman Show" which was filmed here, Seaside isn't an imaginary studio production and does really exist.

It's the walkability that does it. Seaside was designed and built with sandals in mind, from beach to town to shops to eateries to the post office, all in one never-ending stroll. In fact, apart from an initial trip to the outlying Publix supermarket for groceries (she didn't know our Seaside Concierge service would have made that run for her), Shelley never started her car once she parked it, until she had to leave.

There are over 40 shops and restaurants in Seaside, all within your walking itinerary, and one of the fun things to do here is to try a different way to get somewhere, just to discover new adventures along every path.

The magic of Seaside is that it slows time down, and Shelley did a lot of just sitting and gazing, during the day living on the beach with its sugar-white sand and clear waters, and relaxing in the Waterstar condo at night.

The people were a mesmerizing experience for Shelley also. She loved the friendliness of the local people and also spent time people-watching, and as she found, "children are playing, couples are walking hand in hand, and families are enjoying their time in Seaside."

And then there was the food. The gourmet and fun eateries of Seaside got Shelley's attention and she wrote up some of her favorite places - go see her Homeowner’s Collection stay in Seaside article for the full story.

What she loved about Waterstar

Shelley's home away from home during her vacation stay was perfectly chosen. As a seasoned traveler, Shelley loved that the Waterstar luxury condo is incredibly central to the town, offering not only a fabulous Gulf view at all times, but also connection with everything going on - the perfect choice for multi-generational family vacations, among other things.

Spacious may best describe the interior of the condo. Waterstar has vaulted ceilings to complement its vast views of the ocean and the amphitheater with its human activities. With over 2,300 square feet containing 4 bedrooms and a bunk room, there's room to play for a sizable group.

Most of the rental accommodations in Seaside are owned individually, and the pride of ownership shows in how Shelley found the condo decorated and equipped. Each bedroom was uniquely and lovingly appointed, while the all-important kitchen was truly luxurious. Families can bond around the 10-person dining table, with spillover into the open-plan living area.

The convenience of Waterstar for Shelley extended to the keyless code for the door and the private elevator - adding to that "no car, no shoes, no keys" lifestyle! Access to numerous amenities came with Shelley's booking of the luxury condo, from the private beach, swimming pools, tennis courts and fitness center, down to the free bikes to ride around on.

We at Homeowner's Collection were happy to host Shelley here in Seaside, and glad that she got to fall in love with the town and Waterstar luxury condo. We have grown as a cooperative of homeowners into the largest vacation cottage rental agency in Seaside, with over 100 luxury homes available to share our love of Seaside living, for guests to stay in, and to become locals for a time.