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9 Dec 2022
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Ah, we love what people say about staying in Seaside, Florida. Recently Victoria and her family came to stay with us, and she wrote a very happy report of their time here. Here are some of the great things she had to say about the “unique vacation bubble” that Seaside is.

Victoria first noted that not only is booking super easy through Homeowner’s Collection, but booking directly saves you the fees of using the rental agencies. Sometimes it pays to deal direct, and for those who like to do this, we hope we’ve made it as simple as can be.

How they lived in Seaside

The family stayed in our Secret Garden cottage and, with two teenagers, appreciated the keyless entry so that people could come and go at will and not have to share a key. This is especially handy in Seaside because everything is in walking distance and the whim can strike at any moment to go get an ice cream, say, or shop for an accessory for the beach.

As with most of the vacation cottages in Seaside, Secret Garden is well designed for guests, with the two bedrooms and two bathrooms on the ground floor and the living area, kitchen, dining room and outside patio all on the second floor. You never know who might have trouble climbing the stairs to go to bed, and this design makes it easy.

Although mom had ZERO plans to cook during this vacation, Victoria did appreciate how well appointed the kitchen was, and how easily all the gang could hang around the dining table for days if they wanted. This is one of the best reasons for a rental cottage of course, the home away from home space that lets everyone relax and not step on each other, as well as the celebrations of coming together - it beats a hotel every time.

Victoria was nice enough to mention the touches that made the accommodation special, from the organic  toiletries provided to the upscale linens, and the welcome package and the basket of goodies from the local shops that they all enjoyed. All of the Homeowner’s Collection rental cottages are owned by the members of our collective, and it really shows in the pride that goes into each cottage.

What they did in Seaside

For a family that lives in Florida and is used to some amazing scenes, they all noticed how gorgeous the sunsets are in Seaside. We hate to brag, but just this once we’ll admit there is something really special about the skies of the Emerald Coast. And thanks for the compliments on the beautiful beach.

In fact, the family took advantage of the beach to have a dinner picnic one evening. And in case it sounds like this would take some effort to arrange - our tireless Concierge Service does all that set up for guests, so all you have to do is want it, and show up. That was a perfect use of Seaside.

Actually the whole family hung around Seaside during the whole vacation, with only one scenic drive along Hwy 30A. But everything is here, and time slows down, and there’s no need to drive anywhere if you don’t want to. The complimentary bikes are as close to wheels as you need to come, and walking the town is a pleasure.

Victoria did list the many amenities for recreation within steps of where they were staying, as well as the shops and eateries. As well as enjoying the beach, they often would simply sit and read a book, listen to live music or gaze at the people strolling through their day (something that travel-writer Shelley also loved to do during her stay here - it’s an easy town just to watch happy life pass by peacefully).

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