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Tupelo Beach Venue, $6,000 Cost

Maximum Capacity 60 

When first conceived, the original design and concept were to have the beach access pavilions to serve as a gateway to the beach designed by award-winning architects.  Tupelo Street Beach Pavilion was designed by renowned architect Ernesto Buch. Tupelo Pavilion was the first public pavilion of Seaside, Florida. “It is based on a cube,” Buch says. “In detailing and form, it is evocative of American wooden Palladian architecture, and thus it is part of a long vernacular tradition.”  Guests will pass through the Tupelo Pavilion to reach the Tupelo Beach venue.  While no photography may take place inside the pavilion, it makes for a remarkable backdrop from the beach!

Never before available to the public, the beach at Tupelo is available as a wedding destination through Homeowner's Collection. The Tupelo beach is the perfect location for larger wedding ceremonies with the Seaside beach and stunning sunsets as your backdrop.  A Tupelo beach ceremony has the capacity for 60 persons. Please call 855-923-7597 to speak with our wedding specialist.