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The Tupelo Gazebo was built in 1984 and was Seaside’s first public building. Many of Seaside’s first public meetings took place in the Tupelo Gazebo. The town founders Robert and Darryl Davis were married in the Tupelo Gazebo. The Tupelo Gazebo also has its claim to fame in its famous scene in "The Truman Show" where Jim Carrey has panic set in and begins to drive around and around and around the small Gazebo.

Never before available to the public, the Tupelo Gazebo is now available through Homeowner's Collection for smaller intimate weddings with a capacity of 20.  Please call 855-923-7597 to speak with our wedding specialist.

Tupelo Street Venue Photography: $500 (Photography includes Pavilion, Gazebo, Rosewalk, and Beach. )

Tupelo Gazebo |  $2,500

Maximum Capacity 8-10