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25 May 2020
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Short-term rentals in Seaside are now APPROVED by the State of Florida to begin welcoming guests as of May 20, 2020 - and the Seaside Commercial District is planning a phased reopening starting on May 29, 2020. Health and safety are the priority, and the town has reorganized itself with an enhanced Seaside Experience to offer the same timeless enjoyment, coupled with best practices for the new normal.

The private residential Seaside beaches are open with no restrictions, apart from the statewide rules to avoid groups of more than 10 people, and for non-household members to stay 6 feet apart. So you can walk and jog along the shore, fish, paddleboard, surf, boat and swim in and on the water, order a beach chair setup, or just stretch out on a towel and drift away in the sunshine.

Paradise extends beyond the sugar-white beach into the town itself with the enhanced Seaside Experience. This year we're going Seaside Al Fresco: things are more spread out, and the signature outdoor experience is brought fully to the fore, while cars are excluded from Central Square - all designed to prevent crowding.

It was always a strolling town, designed from day one to be kind to the feet, and for this beginning phase at least of the reopening, it's a walker's town again. With tents lining the Square providing the best from the shops and restaurants, it becomes one big open-air market - and since most of the Seaside eateries are outdoor spots or feature their best dining outdoors anyway, we are well set for Al Fresco living.

Mask protocols will be in place to enter establishments, and online tech will eliminate lines, with your service made to order. Seaside staffs have undergone additional training to make sure sanitation is flawless and continuous, for everyone's better pleasure. Everyone hates waiting in line anyway, and finally we get to fix this! For more details, see the latest announcement for more details: Seaside Commercial District Targets a Reopening Date.

As mentioned above, Walton County's safety plan for short-term rentals has been approved by the Governor, and we are welcoming guests as of May 20, 2020! Find more details on our COVID-19 UPDATES page.

Homeowner's Collection is taking reservations for vacation rentals backed by its 48-Hour Flexible Cancellation policy which allows re-scheduling up to a year out, and from as close as within 48 hours of arrival time on reservations booked by May 31, 2020. And through May 31, we are offering our special Better Together Escape, with up to $500 in Gift Cards to local establishments.

By the way, our sanitization measures were always pretty stringent, but we've supercharged them and added some nice touches for your protection - see our latest feature on What's Changing at Homeowner's Collection?