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Seaside Florida gulfview completes Blessings by the Sea.

Blessings by the Sea is Seaside Florida vacation rental that shares a Seasider Insider take on their favorite feature of the home, the tower with a Seaside Florida Gulfview. What is the favorite feature on our home? That would be the new spiral staircase tower complete with a Seaside Florida gulfview. Why would an owner take down a perfectly good tower and replace it with another? It’s simple, to see the ocean. It started with a renovation meeting that quickly runs off course in October 2013. We met with the contractor in the outdated not so friendly tower. Within five minutes of meeting the contractor leaps on top of the six-foot high railing and asks the simple question, “If your going to do any work, why not be able to see the ocean, isn’t that why you’re here in Seaside Florida? Why not raise the tower up six feet so you have a Seaside Florida gulfview,’” questioned the contractor. My husband and I looked at each other and said, “He’s got a good point.” And then began the five month demolition and renovation of the old tower, the tower approval process, and building the new tower.

We received daily updates from our snowbird neighbors across the street at Washed Ashore and are forever thankful to them. They would send pictures of cranes blocking the street, the tower removal process, and the stairs being dropped into the cylinder tower access. After half a day of skillfully lowering a spiral staircase into a precision cylinder space, the new staircase is completely secured and the contractor then raises the question of why didn’t we paint the staircase before we put it into the tower? But the new wide spiral staircase with its easy access to the 360 –degree view of the Seaside Florida town was well worth it.

Some of the best things we discovered about this new tower are you can hear Bud & Alleys’ sunset bell from the tower with the amazing town and sunset views. You can hear the music from any amphitheater concert perfectly. You can also see the fireworks on the holidays from Panama City Beach to Watercolor, you have your own private rooftop fireworks show. In addition to these tower benefits, our teenagers pointed out some other useful tower benefits we never would have realized. The tower has one of the best cell signals in town. If you hide in the tower your parents may not find you for a prolonged period of time. When the neighbors shhh you to stop laughing and be quiet after 9pm, run to the tower the neighbors and the parents can’t hear you in the third floor tower.

Did we ever have buyer’s remorse or regrets after installing the new tower? We might have after a funny story and comment by a Seaside, Florida security guard during the highly viewed tower removal process. It was a well timed comment from a Seaside security guard that pulled up and stood next to my husband and the contractor thinking my husband was not an owner but just part of the crew. As the crane operator lifts the old tower off the home and swings it to the right to carefully place it in the driveway, the security guard comments, “That owner must have more money than common sense.” At that point, my husband replied, “I think you are correct.” The contractor smiled and laughed, “That must be the case.” Security guard then drives off.

We may not have any sense, but we do have a tower complete with chairs, high-top tables and a 360-degree view of Seaside, Florida. If you want to tower over the town with a glass of wine and watch the sunset over the ocean, ‘Blessings by the Sea’ is where you need to be.

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