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21 Dec 2023
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Senior travel is expanding nowadays, as aging Americans refuse to stop enjoying life, and choose to catch up on some of the traveling they didn't have time for prior to retirement. And for seniors exploring Florida, Seaside offers that super relaxation that older people value so greatly.

Not only is the Emerald Coast one of Florida's loveliest spots, but it caters to all ages, offering fun for the kids, enjoyment for the parents, and a slower pace for the grandparents, who may wish to slow down a little and relax on their getaway trip.

Seaside is a perfect destination for seniors traveling, whether on their own or as part of a travel group, or a family gathering - the accommodations and amenities of the town are perfect for all ages, tastes and speeds.

Seaside is a safe little town for any age, from young to old, without any of the high-rise bustle found along many of America's coasts. With casually gourmet food and sommelier-standard drink available in the town's many eateries, no one goes without meal satisfaction in Seaside.

And while the sandy alleyways are an engaging treat for the feet, the paved streets also offer smooth terrain for those who have more trouble ambulating. Speaking of which, golf carts seem to be the vehicle of choice for the aging population, and Seaside allows them for those who really need them - for the physically challenged, not for hot-rod racing! Check out how to rent one.

Seaside is a great destination for a family reunion, or any multi-generational  gathering, since the accommodations are so flexible, easily accommodating a group of most any size, from a single or a couple, and ranging up into the dozens - like the On The Lawn six-bedroom cottage fronting the croquet lawn, and the fabulous El Dorado fronting the private beach.

If one of the larger cottages is not what you want, you can always get smaller cottages next door or close to each other - it's a neighborly town for walking over to the porch next door to share morning coffee, or to gather for a feast in someone's dining room - or on the beach.

Our Concierge service also means that an older person or someone rather frail can be catered to, from a limo ride from the airport, to dinner arrangements in the cottage or at one of the many restaurants, and just about anything in between that you can think of. This service works well for anyone, of course, including the many able-bodied guests who just want to feel a little pampered during their stay.

Senior travel is the gift that younger family members can give to their older parents and grandparents - especially when an older person may have almost given up that dream of traveling. It calls for more care than usual, but the rewards are easily worth it. Let us help you choose a cottage to suit your needs, with a bedroom on the ground floor, for example, or an elevator to a viewing station.

Things to remember with elderly travel include leaving more spaces in the itinerary for rest and for the simple appreciation of the place and its features - something the older ones can teach the younger. If kids are in the group, you need to make sure there are activities to suit the ages, maybe splitting up on different adventures and meeting back up around the dining table.

For older people on any trip, healthcare is important, meaning current checkups, ample medication supply, and an emergency backup plan, just in case. Balance the activities to offer pleasure for your elders without over-tiring them - bring patience to the trip, and it will pay you back. As everyone notices, time slows down anyway in Seaside, harking back to a less complicated age - and this may be just the thing for all the generations to enjoy, but especially the seniors in your travel plans.