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Information About Seaside Florida

Travel writer Shelley King came to stay with us recently, and wrote an article about her vacation experience. She had some wonderful things to say about Seaside, Florida, which she fell in love with immediately, for its numerous charms and its fantastic walkability.

Shelley stayed...

The Seaside Chapel

Weddings season is upon us, and there is no better place to get married than in the oceanfront paradise known as Seaside, Florida. Not only is Seaside a charming and lovely beach town, it also has many different venues for you to choose from for your special day. Whether you want a small, intimate gathering on the beach or a more sophisticated ceremony in a chapel, Seaside offers a multitude of options.

Even though it's easy to stay captivated, tranquil and totally at peace in Seaside, you may want to stretch your legs a little and get out with the family to explore the surrounding areas. If so, there are plenty of great day trips to enlarge your Seaside vacation - read on for the best!